August 07, 2004
Felicia's Journey by William Trevor

Felicia’s Journey by William Trevor: a strange little book about a pregnant Irish girl and the man that attempts to befriend her.

Felicia is seventeen and pregnant. Her lover, Johhny Lysaght, has returned to his job in England, so determined to find him even though the circumstances around her points to the fact that he doesn’t want her any longer, Felicia follows him.

While searching the town that Johnny is supposed to work in, she meets Mr. Hilditch, an overweight canteen catering manager. Mr. Hilditch befriends young girls in need and we are left to wonder for what purpose he feels compelled to do this.

The first two thirds of the book I spent trying to determine Mr. Hilditch’s motives. They seemed shady, but since nothing was ever definitely said, I was left wondering. Once his motives are made perfectly clear, however, I found myself not enjoying the book as much and by the last fifty pages, I really just wanted to be done with it. I also must admit that the twist revealed in the last chapter, I didn’t see coming at all.

All in all, a decent read and at two hundred pages, probably worth the read.

August 01, 2004
When Night Falls by Linda Anderson

When Night Falls by Linda Anderson: a thriller set deep in the mountains of North Carolina.

Lannie Sullivan lives alone, seculed in a hidden cabin atop a mountain. Two years earlier, her young daughter drowned in the swimming pool. Her ex-husband blamed her, and after their bitter divorce, she fled her life to live alone. Slowly, though, she has begun to seek out the company of others and meets Drummond Rutledge, a timber baron with secrets in his own past.

Drum and Lannie have an instant attraction for each other and begin a passionate affair. However, a convicted rapist has been let out of jail who is obsessed with Lannie and putting into place a plan to make her his.

For the most part, I didn’t really like this book. It wasn’t until I was on a plane and didn’t have anything else to do that I even managed to finish it. The romance between Drum and Lannie seemed just too sudden. Jeb, the rapist obsessed with Lannie, also seemed like your typical run-of-the-mill crazy, though his ploy to get near Lannie was pretty ingenious. I did like the dark secret that Drum’s past held and I found myself liking the book more by the time I got to the end. However, I would really only suggest this one if you’ve got absolutely nothing else around to read.