February 10, 2003
4 Blondes by Candance Bushnell

4 Blondes by Candance Bushnell: four stories about rich women - a model, a writer, a journalist, and a princess - and their trials and tribulations.

I found this book bland at best and couldn’t really get into the characters. It’s by the same woman responsible for Sex and the City, but while I genuinely care about Carrie and her friends, I couldn’t be bothered to really worry or be concerned with these women’s problems. Carrie and her crew always seem like real people while these four ladies were so far removed from my plane of reality. If your biggest problem is trying to find the best house to stay in in The Hamptons for the summer, we have nothing in common.

I suppose this book was an okay way to spend a few hours. I’m just relieved I got it for free at Swappingtons instead of paying for it.